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Any Property owner & landlord is welcome to apply.  Accepting new members for the 2024 year.

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Who is Narragansett 2100?

Narragansett 2100 is a non-profit group of dedicated property owners and property managers with rental property in Narragansett.

What is their mission?

Their mission is to promote improved communications and community relations among Narragansett landlords, tenants, and the neighboring public to improve the quality of life in the community we all love.

What do they do?

1. It is the only group that monitors activity in Narragansett that may affect the property rights of landlords and communicates that to its members.

2. Educates and communicates with landlords about the proven best practices in renting their homes with its annual Best Practices for Landlords.

3. Work with landlords, property managers, the Narragansett Police Department, URI student leaders and URI officials to annually educate URI students living in Narragansett on the expected behavior while living among family neighborhoods. Thanks to all efforts, police nuisance reports are down 42% since 2013.

4. Provides legal opinions to members that Narragansett 2100 may seek regarding issues affecting landlord property rights and their ability to rent.

5. Provides members with a list of service providers recommended by Narragansett 2100 members with some of these service providers offering discounts on services to Narragansett 2100 members.

6. Provides Fall check-in packages to be used with winter renters.

7. Notifies members when the Narragansett police have visited their home and issued a police report for a nuisance violation. This notification allows the owner to contact their tenants to prevent future issues. This notification is not provided to the landlord by the police.

8. Conducts an annual member’s only meeting with representatives from the Narragansett police department, Narragansett fire department, Narragansett buildings department, URI student leaders and URI administration officials.

9. Conduct annual community events including neighborhood clean-ups.

So whether you rent your property just winters, winters and summers, just summers or annually, Narragansett 2100 is here to support you.

Whether you reside in Narragansett, in other cities and towns in Rhode Island or out of state, Narragansett 2100 is here to support you.

If you are a landlord, become a member of Narragansett 2100 today!


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