Any Property owner & landlord is welcome to apply.  Accepting new members for the 2019 - 2020 year.


Who is Narragansett 2100?

Narragansett 2100 is a non-profit group of dedicated property owners and property managers with rental property in Narragansett.

What is their mission?

Their mission is to promote improved communications and community relations among Narragansett landlords, tenants, and the neighboring public to improve the quality of life in the community we all love.

What do they do?

  1. Educate and communicate with landlords about the proven ‘Best Practices’ in renting their homes.
  2. Work with property managers, landlords, the Narragansett Police Department, and URI officials to annually educate URI students living in Narragansett on the expected behavior while living amoung family heighborhoods.
  3. Work to support and defend the property rights of landlords and students as well as the surrounding neighbors.
  4. Conduct annual community events.        

If you are a landlord, become a member of Narragansett 2100 today!