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Any Property owner & landlord is welcome to apply.  Accepting new members for the 2024 year.

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Landlord Letter

Dear Narragansett Landlord,

Narragansett 2100 is a non-profit organization of landlords with rental property in Narragansett and Narragansett property managers. We monitor weekly the issuance of police reports of a nuisance violation. Our goal is to work with landlords to reduce the occurrence of police reports for nuisance violations to improve the quality of life in Narragansett.  

To reduce the occurrence of a violation, we suggest:

  1. Meet with your tenants. Let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. Let them know that you care about your property.
  2. If you don’t already do this, hire a cleaner to do a monthly cleaning of the common areas and have another set of eyes on your property.
  3. Communicate with your tenants prior to events that typically involve parties. These include Cinco De Mayo, Greek Week, and Senior Week. Let them know the behavior that you expect. If possible, conduct a drive-by during these times.
  4. Consider an incentive if the tenants do not receive another nuisance violation. This incentive could be allowing them to stay an extra day after graduation.
  5. If you don’t currently use one, consider using a property manager who will more closely monitor tenant behavior.

During the rental process in the future, we suggest that you carefully review potential tenant references, search their social media pages and personally interview prospective tenants. Include a monthly cleaning service in your lease.    

We encourage you to join other Narragansett landlords and become a member of Narragansett 2100, providing landlords with a strong voice in town and supporting the property rights of landlords.


Narragansett 2100 

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