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Narragansett 2100 Press Releases

Narragansett 2100 Establishes the first URI Student Advisory Council


Narragansett 2100, a non-profit organization of landlords with rental property in Narragansett and Narragansett property managers, has established the Narragansett 2100 URI Student Advisory Council. 

The mission of this council is to work together with a variety of constituents to improve community and quality of life in Narragansett by incorporating URI students into the fabric of life in Narragansett. URI students represent an enormous amount of talent which has never been tapped by the town. This counsel will give URI students the opportunity to be heard and work together to provide solutions to problems. 

“Although 7,000 URI students reside in Narragansett, they have never been given a voice in the community before.” Said George Nonis, president of Narragansett 2100. 

The advisory council consists of URI student representatives from URI Fraternities and Sororities, student representatives from the Eastward Look, Bonnet Shores, Narragansett Pier and Scarborough Hills areas, a representative from the Narragansett Police Department, a representative from URI Student Affairs, the External Affairs Chair of the URI Student Senate,  a Narragansett property manager, a landlord who is a Narragansett resident and two non-landlord Narragansett residents.  The advisory council will be chaired by a member of the board of directors of Narragansett 2100. 

This is another step in the right direction with all groups working together for better relations within the Town and benefitting the Residents of the Town with a robust economy in the Non-Tourist season. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Joe Lembo, Board Member  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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